Gift Voucher

Make a unique and original gift to your loved ones!

A safe haven for the absolute relaxation of all senses; to feed the body and soul, all the while taking a journey into history. Make a unique and original gift to your loved ones! Give them relaxation and well-being! With a wide range of unparalleled treatments for men and women, HAMAM OMERYE's gift voucher is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Select the services and treatments you would like to offer as a gift (or an amount) and how you would like the voucher to be received by your loved one (either in an impressive gift box or electronically, via an email from you. All HAMAM OMERYE services and packages are available as a gift voucher and can be given to your loved ones for every occasion. Our gift vouchers have a duration of 6 months, as from the date of their issue.

Ways to Purchase:

  • From Hamam Omerye Location in a Gift Pack.
  • Through phone communication
  • Buy Online and sent it through Email or Printed and give it by your self.

" Make a unique and original gift to your loved ones! Give them relaxation and well-being!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gift Voucher?

It is a gift of unique luxury.

Why buy a Gift Voucher?

1. Because such a gift is a surprise that gives intense feelings of unattainable worth to the people you love.

2.You will save time.

3. Because we offer our best cosmetic products combined with unique treatments and relaxation experiences.

How do you buy a Gift Voucher?

Once you have chosen which treatment is most appropriate for your loved ones, the purchase process is very simple.

1. You can choose between 2 procedures, either electronically or personally.

2. Once you have chosen the way in which you would like to offer the voucher you can choose the way it will be packaged.

3.You choose one of the payment methods provided and the process is completed.

What does a Gift Voucher include?

1. A gift voucher includes a serial number that will be used for booking purposed as well as the completion of the service.


2. A little complimentary soap.

How do you use a Gift Voucher?

When you receive a Gift Voucher you will have to:

1. Study all the services offered through our Website.

2. Once you've chosen the service(s) that you think suit your needs, you can make sure by speaking with the appropriate people at the reception or a therapist.

3. You book your appointment instantly to enjoy the whole experience.

How can I change my gift voucher?

You can change your voucher by calling or emailing us.

How can I extend my gift voucher?
You can extend your gift voucher by contacting us.

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