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Clay: The "gold" of beauty and its beneficial properties.

Clay is used as a means of enriching the skin for its care, general improvement of its appearance and quality. The cosmetic and medicine industries are returning to nature and beneficial properties of the materials it offers, more and more

natural ingredients are being used for this purpose. The use of clay is known in pharmacutical and it is due to its astringent and haemostatic action in the regulation of intestinal dysfunctions. As well as in the treatment of oral and dermal diseases, for this reason its use is equally important in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic products. The nutrients it contains prove particularly useful and beneficial to skin lesions.


What is clay?



Clay is a natural product of inorganic powder form. The clay soil originates from the dissolution of the rocks into very fine particles. These are geological formations, containing many nutrients (calcium carbonate, organic substances, iron compounds, etc.), which were created by chemical disintegration and transported with water. Thousands of years now clay is used for many different therapeutic purposes. Even before the historical record, people used clay for external and internal healing, for curing diseases and for improving their health.

In ancient times, Galenus introduced the use of clay for the recovery of sick and injured animals, and Dioskouridis particularly demanded clay treatment. Native tribes of the Andes, Central Africa and Australia, used clay as the main ingredient of their diet, but also as a supplement for various therapeutic purposes. The North American Indians used it in food, body purification, wound healing, rituals, and trade with other tribes.

In World War I, German physicists used clay treatment against food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea and infected wounds, thus greatly reducing deaths. Russian scientists used clay to protect themselves from radioactivity while working with nuclear material. Due to its ability to adsorb radioactivity so well, after the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, Bentonite clay was released into the atomic reactors. In large cities, the addition of clay to aqueduct water helps to bind excess chlorine and thus to filter water.

Today, alternative medicine recommends the use of clay for total detoxification, for the treatment of various diseases and injuries, as well as cosmetology and aesthetics.

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