A different elixir of youth
Kahve means coffee in Turkish. Coffee today is not only for drinking, the discovery in cosmetology makes use of it in applying it to the body as well. For a unique exfoliation experience, with our own recipe from pure ingredients that have been based on tradition, years of history of beauty and massage. Here at Hamam Omerye we recommend KAHVE for revitalisation with the aroma of our amazing coffee blend. Coffee, such a valuable kind of beverage/food, escapes the narrow limitations of nutrition and extends to various forms such as skin care and beauty in general. It helps people who need to better their metabolism and with weight loss. A recipe from our therapists (made from ground coffee or cocoa, honey, sea salt and other pure natural ingredients) that offers an intoxicating, stimulating unique treatment.

The combination of the warm bath and coffee properties are the best combination for activating the benefits of the circulatory system and generally relaxing and eliminating the daily accumulated stress. The procedure begins with a relaxing stay, up to 30’, in the Hamam Bath to moisten the skin. Choosing either the warm polygonal marble bench or the floor of the bath near the well-preserved historical troughs from 1570-71 with the running waters and the Khawaja sounds from the neighbouring mosque, the process will only make you experience a unique relaxation

This natural elixir of youth spreads throughout the body and with the therapist massaging the skin getting rid of all the dead skin cells and at the same time the powerful coffee aroma activates the circulatory system, helping the metabolism and elimination of toxins. This delightful ritual can continue further with a cold shower and relaxation in the bath or in the special cabins combined with a treat of aromatic oriental tea and lokum (Turkish delights).

  • Recommended

    To all individuals over the age of 18 who love the aroma of coffee but who can also enjoy the benefits of the bath differently.

    As for all scrubs and as so for Kahve, the recommended stay in the bath is up to 60’ before and after application. The longer endurance - stay in the bath always helps with the best results of this service. Elderly people and people with health issues should always have the consent of their treating physician and they should always mention it when booking their appointment. Admission to pregnant women, to people with heart disease, other diseases such as bronchial disorders is not recommended.

    Relaxation but also physical energy at the same time.

    To individuals with normal weight and non-dermal allergies. The application is recommended every two months. Even in obese individuals, making use of the benefits of coffee, increases the metabolic rate helping to improve burning fat and generally to lose weight. Regular application is always defined by dialogue with a specialist therapist.
  • Price

  • Duration

    25 Minutes

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