Kesse Borek

An unforgettable and unique ritual that takes you on a historical journey.
One of the most distinctive and unique rituals in the world of the Hamams of Istanbul brought to you by Hamam Omerye, in the old city of Nicosia, Cyprus. A traditional Ottoman massage with foam that has been passed down through generations. It is a magical ritual; a true experience. An important prerequisite is an initial stay within the warm bath either by choosing the hot or cold polygonal marble slab or even on the floor of the bath, aside the historical troughs and accompanied by the sounds of running water. We recommend you to stay up to 30’ at least in order to ensure that you activate your circulation and eliminate toxins from your skin.
The therapist, using a traditional glove, begins with 20’ light, full body massage that thoroughly cleans the pores of the skin and eliminates all toxins. What comes next is impressive and spectacular! The craftsmanship of the therapist is stunning! A light, sparkling foam embraces your entire body. The entire body, mind, soul and senses are awakened through in this unique 30’ foam massage. Ultimate care and joy that can only be found through KESSE BOREK and experienced at HAMAM OMERYE’s traditional bath. This ritual is completed by washing the hair and rinsing the body with an abundance of hot and cold water, beside the traditional troughs. The ritual can be continued by choosing to take a cold shower and another 10’ of relaxation in the bath or in the special cabin area with a treat of aromatic oriental tea and lokum (turkish delights).
  • Recommended

    For all people over the age of 18. Considered the best care gift you can give yourself and your loved ones at least once a month. It is especially beneficial if you want to eliminate the stress of your daily routine and want to regenerate your body, making it shiny and fresh.
  • What you need to know

    Elderly people and people with health issues should always have the consent of their treating physician and should always mention health problems when booking their appointment. Admission to pregnant women, people with heart disease and other conditions is not recommended.
  • What you will feel

    Absolute tranquility and cleansing of the soul, mind and body within an oriental landscape and real sounds from the Khawaja. If you choose to carry out this ritual on moonlit nights you will be accompanied by the light of the moon seeping through the star shaped windows of the domes.
  • Suggested

    For all healthy individuals able to remain in temperatures higher than 40-43 degrees.
  • Price

  • Duration

    55 Minutes

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