Tarcin’ means cinnamon in Turkish, a particularly special spice with a strong aroma from oriental markets.
This exfoliating treatment provided at HAMAM OMERYE is a true treasure. We use it and recommend it not only as a simple exfoliation but also as a treatment – a solution for overweight individuals (for local and specific parts of the body). It is performed within the bath, where the scent is diffused within the space, giving you a different and unique sense of wellness.

Using the antioxidant properties of cinnamon and the combination and benefits of the hot bath, expert therapists provide a deep exfoliation. The application is simple. The exfoliant is spread all over the body using massage movements that help the skin to eliminate dead cells and toxins simultaneously. Its powerful aroma activates the entire circulation of the body thus helping the metabolism and weight loss.

Choose this unique exfoliating treatment for your body for an intense, aromatic grooming experience. At Hamam Omerye we use this golden treasure on the skin in order to get rid of cellulite seen as it activates the cells and helps the rapid burning of calories and weight loss.

  • Recommended

    To all healthy individuals who desire relaxation as well as to individuals who have cellulite or increased weight. Cinnamon is considered one of the ingredients that helps for the quick burning of calories and the repair of damaged skin.
  • What you need to know

    The treatment can be applied on men and women as long as they are not allergic to cinnamon. Elderly people and people with health issues should always have the consent of their treating physician and should always mention health problems when booking their appointment. Admission to pregnant women, to people with heart disease and other conditions is not recommended.
  • What you will feel

    Relief, relaxation and well-being. An airy feeling taking over your body.
  • Suggested

    To all healthy individuals, every 2 months and at regular intervals following a specific program for particular obese areas such as the abdomen (through exfoliation, massage and the valuable use of the bath) carried out by our specialised masseurs at Hamam Omerye.
  • Price

  • Duration

    25 Minutes

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